Chemicals for the SPA bathtub | Jacuzzi - which one to choose and how to use?

The temperature in SPA tubs is very high. Such conditions are a very good environment for bacteria, professional measures should be used to fight them and maintain crystal clear water. We recommend using the chemicals of the French company HTH SPA, they are very effective and efficient.

  • In SPA tubs, it is better to use chlorine disinfection
  • Remember to check the pH regularly
  • In SPA bathtubs, the filter should be cleaned or replaced regularly

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Chemicals for the SPA bathtub | Jacuzzi - which one to choose and how to use?

Carefree relaxation in the jacuzzi is only one side of the coin. Safe use of a SPA bathtub requires regular cleaning and maintenance. We will suggest which chemistry to choose and how it should be used. Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy clean and safe water.

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What to disinfect a SPA bathtub with?

Due to the high temperature in the SPA bath, the use of Chlorine disinfection is definitely a better solution for an active background. Chlorine works much better under such conditions. Do not be afraid of it, because the use of appropriate quality products does not intensely affect the smell of water in the jacuzzi and negatively affect our body and well-being.

Clean and healthy water in the spa tub

Many Jacuzzi owners wonder how to make bathing in a bathtub not only pleasant, but above all safe. To meet the expectations, we have prepared a guide that will show you how to keep your water clean in just a few steps. Below you will find not only water disinfectants, but also the necessary preparations for cleaning dirt. Frequent use and high temperature make it very easy to get dirty. With us, however, you will learn how to take care of your SPA bathtub.

Step one: Appropriate pH

Adjusting the pH of the water is one of the most important aspects regarding the maintenance of the spa bath water. Too low a pH can cause skin irritation and equipment corrosion. A pH that is too high, on the other hand, will contaminate the water and cause scale deposits. If the value is too high or too low, use pH Minus or pH Plus.

Step two: Water treatment

All the following operations (except cleaning) should be carried out with the SPA bathtub filtration switched on

Remember that every time fresh water is poured into the SPA Bath, it is necessary to "shock" it with a suitable agent. Pour the granules in place of the cartridge filters and turn on the filtration for 8 hours.

Then, remember to disinfect the water regularly, which causes chemical combustion of micro-organisms and removal of all impurities, for this purpose it is best to use (by pouring into the place where the cartridge filters are located)

Step three: Ongoing service

A. Cleaning Jacuzzi Filters

It is advisable to clean and descale the cartridge filters of the Spa Bathtub according to the frequency of use for this purpose use HTH SPA Filter Cleaner (pour warm water into a bucket, add the above detergent, leave for 24 hours, remove and rinse the filter under running water).

B. Crystal clear water

The spa water should always be clear and clean, if this is not the case, the problem, whatever the cause, can usually be rectified with the HTH SPA Krystalizer product (pour the product directly into the bath, remember to keep the filtration on).

C. Limescale formation in the Spa Bath

Given the high temperatures in the SPA bathtub, you may notice the formation of small scale deposits; this problem can easily be removed by using Bayrol SPA Hardness Stabiliser.

E. Algae removal in a spa bath

When the water in the hot tub starts to turn green this indicates algae formation. Shock treatment should be carried out with HTH SPA Shock Treatment.

It is then recommended to add HTH SPA Algaecide to the water in the hot tub to prevent the appearance of algae.

F. Foam removal in the spa bath

The hot tub often foams up during use, which spoils the visual effect; it is recommended to remove the foam that forms with HTH SPA Antymus.

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Most common problems




Odour of chlorine

Eye and skin irritation

  • Chlorine ratio too low
  • pH is incorrect

Foam formation

  • Accumulation of particles in suspension

A layer of dirt at the waterline

  • Sunscreen oil, cosmetic cream, etc.

Green, black, brown water

  • Presence of iron or manganese in water
  • Presence of copper

Milky or cloudy water

  • pH is abnormal
  • Chlorine ratio is insufficient
  • Filtering is insufficient

Limescale deposits

  • Tap water may be high in calcium

The water is very green

  • Stagnant and warm water, favoring the growth of bacteria
Is chemistry necessary?

It is impossible to maintain a clean jacuzzi without the use of chemicals. Only thanks to the appropriate measures and regular cleaning of the filter, the water in the spa will be safe for users.

Can I use swimming pool detergents?

Basically yes, but it's worth paying attention to the dosing ratio. There is much less water in the SPA bath, so the dosage and concentration of active agents may be different.

Which company is the best?

We recommend the use of professional quality products. We ourselves use HTH or Bayrol products during servicing.

Does the pH value always have to be ideal?

Yes, only the right water pH parameters will make the chemicals effective.

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