Niveko Swimming Pools

NIVEKO pools combine the advantages of a traditional concrete pool with unlimited possibilities in terms of size, shape and design with the advantages of a ready-to-use pool delivered directly to site, which can be assembled and installed in just a few days.

NIVEKO s.r.o. - more than 20 years of experience, 70 qualified employees, more than 450 projects completed per year.

Years of work and experience have made NIVEKO popular and trusted throughout Europe.

Constant observation of changing trends and the use of state-of-the-art technologies have made NIVEKO pools a model and a benchmark of high quality.

The company's range includes TOP LEVEL skimmer pools with elevated water levels and several versions of overflow pools, which have become the company's dominant product. You can choose from the following versions of overflow pools:

  • Standard "MULTI" finished with PVC grille or stone grille
  • "INFINITY" giving the impression of infinity, ideally suited to terrain of varying levels
  • "ADVANCED" being a combination of two stone elements
  • "EVOLUTION" where the transition between the water surface and the surrounding environment gives the impression of integrity
  • "UNDERFLOW" allowing water to escape under the surrounding terrace while eliminating any edge of overflow gutters

Niveko Profi Partner

Poolsystem Sp. z o.o. Sp.K. is an official certified partner of NIVEKO in Poland.

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Types of swimming pools


A swimming pool based on elegant, narrow skimmers, whose use makes it possible to raise the water level in the basin (in relation to a standard skimmer), thus creating an effect similar to that of an overflow pool. Skimmers can be made of white PVC or stainless steel.


The usual version of the pool, in a slightly different form, invented and patented by Niveko. The invisible skimmer is a very aesthetically pleasing and striking solution, giving the impression of an overflow pool, while maintaining the price of a skimmer pool.


The most popular form of overflow pool. This system is available in two finishes:

  • with PVC overflow grating (available in various colours)
  • with natural stone in place of the standard pool grille.

It can be modified to make the overflow of water ultra-quiet (Whisper Variant).


An overflow system that works well in areas where there is a large difference in ground level. The pool overflows on one side only. You get an infinity effect, sensationally harmonising with the landscape extending from your property.


A pool overflow that 'spills out' onto the pool beach, visually enlarging the size of the pool. It is based on natural granite, which is partially hidden under the surface of the water.

It can be modified to make the water overflow ultra quiet (Whisper Variant).


Minimalism - this word best describes this overflow system. Reducing the size and visibility of the overflow gutter to a minimum. A solution that is unparalleled, designer and innovative, thanks to which we achieve an effect of unity between the overflowing water and the surroundings of our pool.

It can be modified to make the water overflow ultra quiet (Whisper Variant).


A specific overflow solution where the pool water pours under the pool bypass floor and ... disappears.

It can be modified to make the water overflow ultra quiet (Whisper Variant).

Shape of the pool

There is no set shape or dimension for a NIVEKO pool. It is adapted to your needs and expectations. The possibilities are limited only by our imagination. Each pool is different, individual, tailored to your preferences.

The pools are made from a special Niveko manufactured and patented plastic that is UV resistant, so it looks like new for decades.

Pool entrance

It is customary for NIVEKO pools to be equipped with an entrance staircase. There are several options on offer, from the most classic Modern, through the Milano version (which can be made of stone), to Apollo. The steps, just like the pools, can be adapted to your needs, expectations and ideas, in terms of dimensions or location in the pool.

Basin fittings

The pool is supplied to the customer complete with all fittings and piping installed.

The elements of the pool: jets, bottom drain, skimmers, lights, etc., can be made of white PVC or stainless steel. Niveko relies only on leading European manufacturers such as Astral, Fluvo, Behncke, who offer products of the highest quality.

In addition, technology is needed in the form of: filter, filter pump, 6-way valve, control and measuring station, etc. Here, too, we rely on quality products and their selection is determined individually depending on your requirements.

Swimming pool cover

Your swimming pool can be fitted with an automatic underwater cover to reduce running costs and keep it clean. An automatic swimming pool cover is a modern solution and the best in terms of use. A pool cover allows us to maintain the water temperature, helps to keep the pool clean and, most importantly, increases the safety of the occupants.

Dedicated solutions


A unique solution used in overflow gutters that reduces the characteristic sound of overflowing water. It is used in areas where great importance is placed on silence and comfort.

This solution can be used with Multi, Advance, Evolution and Underflow overflows.


A variant of the Multi overflow pool is available as a "free-standing" version, i.e. not fully concreted in. The pool sits on a concrete slab and its walls are only reinforced with a concrete rim. This creates an all-round circumference that, as with typical concrete pools, allows full control of the pool technology.


Niveko has no limits. Every dimension, shape, idea is achievable. You don't have to conform to standards.

Just like the pool itself, the installation site doesn't have to meet any specific requirements, because it's possible to 'assemble' the pool on site.

nPooL Control

nPool Control - an innovative solution that provides control and control of your pool from your smartphone, from anywhere on the globe.

  • Constant monitoring of parameters so that the pool is always in perfect "condition"
  • The system is integrated with that of the company that looks after the pool, so 99% of problems will be resolved without the need for contact and appointments
  • It is individualised and adapted to your pool
  • Intuitive to use
  • Guarantees safety and comfort
  • A sensational solution for those who want to keep everything under control

NIVEKO's 20 years of experience, the variety of experience gained and satisfied customers have made them want to show their pools from a different perspective. The Niveko Plus series is not only about quality functionality but also about unique design and structure, focused on the smallest details which will be unique elements of your home space.

Specially selected components of the highest world quality, manufactured especially for NIVEKO, installed in the pool in a uniform way, flush with the pool wall, make the pool you own truly special and unique.

Niveko Plus means focusing on the smallest detail, guaranteeing elegance through and through. A sensational solution for those who want to have everything under control.