Swimming Pool Construction - Introduction

A swimming pool is an ideal place to spend leisure time. On the one hand, it encourages active recreation and exercise, on the other hand, it guarantees plenty of entertainment and blissful relaxation. It is an ideal complement to the space of a modern house, garden, guesthouse or hotel. Until recently, the construction of a swimming pool was associated with an unattainable luxury for the wealthiest. This is now a thing of the past. Modern technologies make it possible to build a swimming pool for an ordinary owner of a single-family house. The cost of building a swimming pool is often no more than the cost of buying a small car. Of course, they depend on the requirements and expectations.

As a company Poolsystem Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. we deal with complex construction of swimming pools, both private, hotel and typically public.

In addition to the construction of standard concrete pools, we offer modern alternatives, in the form of high-end composite basins: Compass (with ceramic core) and Niveko (made of Polystone plastic), as well as basins made of stainless steel.

Thanks to our broad portfolio, we are able to adapt to the requirements of any customer who is aware of the investment and values quality workmanship.

The basis is to determine what the pool will be used for. Is it to be a place for daily training, or an attraction for children, or perhaps it is to combine both? Is it to be a backyard pool, or perhaps a relaxation area for guests of your hotel?

The possibilities and additional equipment are endless, from standard water or air massage, through counter-current, water whip, cascade, curtain, to interactive toys. We encourage you to contact us. Our staff will advise you on the best solution, both from the point of view of utility and economy.

Where to start building a swimming pool?

This is one of the most common questions from investors.

At first glance, to those who decide to build a swimming pool, it seems that its construction is nothing complicated, however, a swimming pool is not just a basin with water. It is also a number of devices that take care of water quality, purity and temperature.

When deciding to build a swimming pool, do not try to work out the greatest financial savings. Of course, cost is a very important element, however, excessive savings on materials, leads to expensive and troublesome repairs in the future.

Below is a very simplified selection schedule, along with a brief description of the various solutions, so as to approximate the specific possibilities. Remember, however, that in order to make the pool fully functional, safe and easy to maintain, it is necessary to have a reliable contractor who will design the spa and wellness area, so as to avoid unpleasant surprises during use.

Types of swimming pool basins

Depending on the future location and the investor's budget, we propose different types of solutions. The basic decision to be made before starting the investment is whether the pool is to be:

Concrete Pool

Finished with ceramics (tiles, mosaic) or pool film. A solution with great freedom in terms of shape, depth while maintaining a beautiful, original visual effect. Classic technology that guarantees elegance and great architectural consistency. No two concrete pools are the same.

Stainless Steel Pool

An option that is very durable, exclusive, elegant, timeless, convenient to use and ensures the maintenance of the highest hygienic standards. By far the most expensive solution, however, the most durable and inexpensive in subsequent operation and maintenance.

Niveko Pool

The basin reaches the customer in its entirety, however, its shape and size is free, depending on the investor's imagination. Niveko pools are characterized by modern design and very interesting types of pool overflows.

Compass Pools

High-quality composite basin that arrives in its entirety at the project site. The choice is limited to a dozen specific models of basins, however, they are composed in such a way as to fulfill the functions of relaxation and swimming opportunities.

Overflow or Skimmer pool ?

Skimmer swimming pool

Skimmer pool is the most classic and well-known solution, commonly used in small private pools.

Ordinarily, the water level is kept below the edge of the pool by about 8 cm. By using skimmers of the slim type, we are able to raise the water level to about 4 cm below the edge of the pool.

The principle of operation is simple - water flowing into the skimmer is sucked by the circulation pump and pumped through the pool filter, which collects all the impurities, towards the pool inflow nozzles.

An important, often overlooked element is the bottom drain, which not only serves to drain the pool water, but supports filtration, by connecting it to the skimmer and the filter pump.

The next step is to heat the water, using a heat exchanger, electric heater or pool heat pump. After the filter, the pH is corrected and chlorine/active oxygen is dosed, via peristaltic dosing pumps. Of course, these are not the only forms of pool water disinfection we have on offer, you can just as well use salt electrolysis, UV lamp, ozonation, etc.

Overflow swimming pool

An overflow pool is a form where water overflows from the entire surface of the mirror into an overflow gutter and then into an overflow tank, where the level is regulated automatically.

The rest of the pool technology is identical to that of a skimmer pool. If you choose this type of overflow form, you need to pay great attention to the preparation of the ground and the pouring of the foundation, because this type of pool does not forgive construction errors.

Overflow pool is customarily found in hotels and other public facilities, why? Because this option guarantees us optimal water flow and excludes the possibility of so-called "dead zones", that is, places in the pool where water does not circulate optimally. Water is collected from the entire surface of the pool, and not only from the places where there are skimmers.

A pool with an overflow gutter creates unity with its surroundings, and is an extremely decorative and design element for the most demanding customers. It is an ideal landscape element, whether it is a garden, a room of a spa area in a single-family home, a hotel or a public facility.

Pool shell elements

This point applies to all elements mounted inside the pool basin, i.e. bottom drain, skimmer (if any), inflow nozzles, lighting, pool attractions.

Each form of finish has its own advantages. It is important that the finish be uniform, so that we avoid "clutter" in our pool basin.

PVC elements

This is by far the cheapest solution, however, one should not suggest the lowest price when buying. In this case, great emphasis should be placed on checking the quality of the elements offered to us.

In the pools offered by our company there are only elements of European production, made with great care, from high-quality plastic.

Stainless steel elements

They are characterized by precision workmanship and great durability and resistance. Dedicated to those who appreciate quality, unrivaled and impeccable aesthetics of finishing their pool.

Choose from elements made entirely of stainless steel or a combination of stainless steel and bronze. 

Should you do lighting in the pool?

Definitely yes. Both indoor and outdoor pools require lighting. The number of light sources installed depends on the size and shape of the pool. It is important to properly select the number of lamps and the size of the light output of each lamp, so that the lighting of the pool is sufficiently bright.

Lighting ensures everyone's safety and enjoyment while swimming and moving around the water first and foremost. 

However, in addition to illuminating the water, the choice of a particular type of lighting significantly affects the aesthetics and mood of the place.

As of today, all the pool lights we install are LED lights. LEDs illuminate the depths of the water in an amazing way, and at the same time are very durable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Depending on the customer's preferences, we select the appropriate power, light output, color (can be white, RGB, RGBW lamps) and control (such as DMX). 

The color of light significantly affects our mood. Cold colors, such as green, calm us down and improve concentration, while warm colors - red, yellow - stimulate our minds to action. The color white, by far the most neutral, calms and harmonizes our entire body.

And let's not forget that properly selected pool lighting will be a decoration of the property after dusk, adding elegance and prestige to it at the same time. 

Swimming pool attractions

When we think of a swimming pool, we customarily think only of swimming, and limit its equipment to ladders. This is a fundamental mistake, because in addition to the sports aspect (and our strong;)), the pool is supposed to be a place of recreation, rest and relaxation for all users. Additional equipment of swimming pool basins, commonly known as pool attractions, is an element that will diversify, enrich and encourage use. We always propose to our customers the installation of various water attractions, including interactive ones. Thanks to this our swimming pool can turn into a fantastic playground for children and adults. 

We have a variety of solutions to choose from:


By far the most popular pool attraction. It is a device designed to massage with a regulator of the strength of the outflow of water and air. In addition, it is used for us to swim "in place", which is sensational for basins of smaller cubic capacity.

We can freely choose the power, from those typically recreational, to those with a sporting flair - swimming machine.


Mounted on the pool beach, a form of water cascade designed to massage the neck and upper body. It is also one of the favorite attractions of the youngest pool users.

Air Massage Lounger

Air massage device in the shape of a recliner, which, in addition to its relaxing qualities, serves as a place to relax.

Air Massage Bench

It is a combination of air massage and water massage. The number of jets, their type, power is adjusted to the preferences of the user.


Air massage coming out of the bottom of the pool.

Wall massage

Water massage based on the appropriate setting of jets.

Swimming pool heating

Using a swimming pool comfortably is determined by the temperature of the water inside. Depending on the location of the pool, whether it is an outdoor or indoor pool, pool water heating is used:

  • Heat exchanger - connected to the central heating furnace or heat pump heating the house, appropriately sized for the volume of the pool. It is important that it is an exchanger designed for pool water. This solution is most often used for indoor pools.
  • Swimming pool heat pump - electric equipment, using heat energy in the air to heat the water in the pool. It consumes both significantly less electricity than a typical water heater (electric heater). Among our customers, this is by far the most popular option, due to the ratio of efficiency and economy of application. All outdoor pools we install are equipped with it.
  • Electric heater - ideal for very small pools and spa tubs. By far the cheapest to purchase, unfortunately the most expensive to use.

Water disinfection - chlorine, active oxygen, ozone?

Nothing upsets pool users more than green water. The appearance of algae, microorganisms is associated with the irregular use of pool chemicals.

Referring to our experience, contacts with customers, we know that a control and measuring station, which measures and automatically dispenses chemicals, is a basic equipment of a good private pool, and an absolute requirement in a public pool. 

Commonly known pool water disinfectants are chlorine and active oxygen.


We are proponents of chlorine disinfection, based on preparations characterized by high purity. They are definitely more expensive than those offered in supermarkets. Chlorine guarantees us a strong and effective bactericidal effect. Applied optimally, through a good-class dosing device, it is a guarantee of ideal water condition and the absence of the characteristic smell of chlorine in the pool hall. This is by far the most effective method of pool water disinfection.

Active oxygen

Of course, if you are allergic to chlorine disinfection, you can use disinfection with oxygen compounds, or more commonly active oxygen. It should be known, however, that active oxygen has a much lower effectiveness than chlorine and requires much more attention when applied. Active oxygen necessarily needs to be supplemented with an algicide. In addition, and from time to time it is necessary to perform the so-called shock chlorination, which will fight all viruses, fungi, bacteria, which oxygen can not annihilate optimally.

Salt electrolysis

A solution gaining popularity in our country is salt electrolyzers, which produce hypochlorous acid - one of the most effective disinfectants - from salt. The therapeutic and curative properties of salt water have been known for a long time, as a result of the absence of chloramines, the water does not have an unpleasant odor. However, it should be remembered that in the case of small private pools, the water in the pool basin will be salty, and its salinity will have to be controlled and maintained at an appropriate level. In the case of salt electrolysis, stainless steel elements in the pool basin are excluded, only PVC finish remains.

UV lamp

As a complement to chlorine or oxygen disinfection, UV lamps that emit ultraviolet radiation can be used. It allows to remove almost one hundred percent of bacteria and any other microorganisms developing in the water by destroying their DNA.  The use of a UV lamp dramatically reduces the amount of pool chemistry used.


Nowym skutecznym sposobem uzdatniania wody basenowej jest proces ozonowania, który pozwala na szybkie i wydajne jej oczyszczanie. Ozon to trójatomowe cząsteczki tlenu, które po wprowadzeniu do basenu rozpadają się na dwuatomowy tlen, jednocześnie podczas tego procesu usuwając z wody wszelkie wirusy, bakterie, grzyby oraz inne mikroorganizmy. Jest to rozwiązanie stosunkowo drogie i co ważne, również musi być uzupełnione dodatkową dezynfekcją chlorową, ponieważ ozonowanie jest dezynfekcją miejscową. 

Pool cover - unnecessary cost or big savings?

Pool cover, is an often overlooked element, which is an extremely practical accessory. The main advantage is to reduce pool dirt, heat loss, evaporation from the basin thanks to which we save energy and the amount of pool chemicals used. In the case of outdoor pools, when there is a lot of sunlight, the cover absorbs the sun's rays, making the water warmer.  

When choosing pool covers, we should pay attention not only to the material used to make them, but also to the type of retractor and the form of its installation. The cover does not have to be on the beach of the pool, it can be in the bottom or wall, for example.

Automatic pool rollo cover

Automatic retractor is a pool cover made of PVC profiles. It is not a solution on which you can walk freely, however, it serves as a kind of safety buffer (for example, for pets). A pool roller shutter is convenient, energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Automatic roll-ups can be installed on the pool's jetty, just like solar films, or underwater. The latter option is by far the more common choice for newly built pools. Each of the technologies we offer - concrete pool, stainless steel pool, Niveko pool, Compass pool - has the option of installing an underwater roller shutter.

Pool roofing

This is a solution dedicated mainly to outdoor pools. If we want to extend the period of use of a swimming pool (even by about 4 months) located in our garden, while ignoring the weather conditions, then the pool canopy is an ideal choice. 

The pool canopy is a lightweight, fully mobile, aluminum structure, so we can easily move the individual elements of the canopy. They are filled with cellular polycarbonate or the far more aesthetically pleasing and durable solid polycarbonate.

This is the safest form of pool cover. Depending on your preferences, the canopy can be of different size, height, shape. We offer three lines of canopies:

Low line - does not disturb the panorama of the garden. It is a very modern, impressive and elegant solution, while allowing us to use the pool under its cover.

Medium line - definitely more widely used than the low line providing swimming comfort and the ability to shuffle in the central area. It strikes a balance between preserving space in the garden and ergonomics of use.

High line - the most spacious and roomy choice. The main advantage is the ability to move freely throughout the covered area. Moving the canopy beyond the pool, thanks to the segmented design, offers a convenient area for relaxing with family and friends, as well as useful storage space.

Bubble foil

This is the simplest and cheapest form of pool covering. It is customary to install the salt film on a manual reel. Unfortunately, along with the price goes the quality of this solution, so when deciding, remember that the film must be replaced with a new one every 3-4 years.

What is needed to make a swimming pool work properly?


person to whom we will present our vision, and he will propose possible solutions in a professional manner and in accordance with our taste. It is important that this person is competent and familiar with the latest solutions in the proposed technology.


It must be tailored to our requirements. How much will the investment cost us ? We will answer this question after contacting you and clarifying your expectations.


This point consists of physical treatment, through sand or glass bed filters that catch impurities, and chemical treatment that destroys pathogens (bacteria and viruses) found in the water.


The construction of swimming pools should take into account the period of use of water bodies. If you want to use also in spring and autumn, it is worth taking care of a well-thought-out heating system. This will reduce the ongoing costs of use. There are many solutions: heat exchangers, electric heaters, heat pumps, solar panels, etc.


The construction of ideal pools must include entertainment to suit different tastes. The choice of amenities and attractions is very wide, including water massages - narrow and wide, air massages - geysers, water-air massages, counter-currents, typhoons, multicolor RGB LED lighting and much more. This increases the attractiveness of our facility and provides entertainment for the whole family.