Construction of Fountains

The fountain is becoming an increasingly popular piece of landscaping every year. A well-designed and constructed fountain emphasises the character and attractiveness of a place and often becomes its main element, being a 'work of art' placed in a given space.

As a company, we deal with fountains from the technological side, which translates the assumptions and design into a finished, unique, functioning landscape element. We undertake the implementation of both standard fountains, with a single nozzle, and multimedia fountains, where water, music and fire work together.

We offer a full range of elements to comprehensively equip any fountain, both on the installation side - nozzles, electrical side - lighting, and control side - complete controllers and operation programmes.

Using our offer, you receive a perfectly made and launched fountain, the installation of which is based on proven, branded components.

Attention to detail is our priority, thanks to which our fountains operate faultlessly for many years.

For installation, we work with industry leaders, i.e. Cristalfountain, Osae, Hugho Lahme.

We provide short turnaround times, a warranty of up to 5 years and a full, immediate service, so we are trusted by many private clients as well as public facilities.