Rectangular composite pool 326 x 186 cm x 96 cm AVANTGARDE GRE
Rectangular composite pool 326 x 186 cm x 96 cm AVANTGARDE GRE
Rectangular composite pool 326 x 186 cm x 96 cm AVANTGARDE GRE
Rectangular composite pool 326 x 186 cm x 96 cm AVANTGARDE GRE

Rectangular composite pool 326 x 186 cm x 96 cm AVANTGARDE GRE

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Composite pool AVANTGARDE GRE

A year-round, self-assembled composite pool. It is characterised by high quality workmanship and stability, and does not require additional operations such as painting.

The walls of the pool are made of reinforced composite panels, bonded with brushed aluminium profiles. Thanks to its modular construction, the pool can be transported and installed anywhere. The bottom and sides are lined with UV-resistant PVC pool membrane. 

5 year guarantee

for structural components, 2 years guarantee for other components.

Baseny kompozytowe gre

Guarantee of the highest product quality

A Spanish company with 50 years of history

EN 16713-1:2015

EN 16582-3:2015

EN 16582-1:2015

Smart Plug for FREE!

A simple and intuitive device controlled via the FLUIDRA POOL app on your phone. 

Special features:

  • Communication: Bluetooth;
  • Remote setting of filtration timer possible;
  • Weekly operating schedule;
  • Energy consumption counter;
  • Control of filter equipment;
  • Degree of protection: IP44.

Technical data of the garden pool AVANTGARDE

Basen kompozytowy Avantgarde GRE

3,30 m3

Ladder included

Sand filter 4 m3/h

Lighting not included


450 kg

426x268 cm


SABOT supports

SABOT is a system of brackets attached to the concrete screed that supports the walls of the pool. This allows the shape of the pool to be maintained. The floor must be perfectly flat and level, as any minimal defect will be visible.

Minimum thickness: 15 cm.

Aesthetic finish

All elements of the composite panels, are joined by brushed aluminium profiles. The colour and texture of the basin ensures that dirt cannot be seen. Giving your pool an elegant and original look. 

Additional advantages :

UV resistance

Easy to clean

Additional safeguards for the youngest

Durable material, resistant to works.

Guidance on how and where to set up the pool:

    1. Choose a location that will not flood when it rains. Proper ground leveling is very important.
    2. To avoid excessive contamination of the pool water such as leaves and pollen, find a spot that is away from trees.
    3. Install your pool in the sunniest location.
    4. Don't place your pool over gas, water or electrical installations.
    5. Make sure you have a good foundation or subfloor for the pool structure. 
    6. Remember to prepare the surface for the filter set (the minimum distance is 4m from the pool, additionally the ground should not be smaller than 70x70cm). 

Main features of a composite pool AVANTGARDE

Ladder + composite steps

Internal 3-step stainless steel ladder, and external composite steps detachable for childproofing the pool.

Composite panel walls

Created from a combination of wood and plastic. 

Thickness: 36 mm

Sand filter including pump

Capacity4 m3/h
Power supply230 V
Power0,17 kW
Diameter320 mm
Amount of deposit17 kg

Pool membrane

High-quality PVC liner, grey in colour, 0.6 mm thick.

Pool bottom cover

Geotextile protection to prevent damage to the pool membrane from mould, tears, lichens and grasses.

Multiple installation options

The pool can be placed on the ground, dug in or partially dug in, giving us many design possibilities. 

Quick installation

Detailed instructions, precise workmanship, pre-cut holes for the skimmer and nozzle, allow very fast installation.

No need to demount

Design suitable for winterisation.
We do not pour out all the water for the winter.

Contents of the package

Moduł WiFi

Pool structure and mounting components

Moduł WiFi


Filter set

Moduł WiFi

Sand 0,4 - 08 mm 20 kg

Moduł WiFi

Connection hoses

Moduł WiFi


Grey PVC film, with profiles

Skimmer + nozzle

Instrukcja Obsługi

Instruction manual in Polish

Assembly of composite pools Gre

Composite pool Gre

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