Sauna construction

The highest quality selected wood, a properly selected cooker and attention to every detail of the finish will make the atmosphere in your spa unique and special.

The most popular version of a wooden sauna is the Finnish sauna, also known as a dry sauna. It is characterised by a very high internal temperature and low humidity.

It can be built inside our house or hotel, as well as in the form of a free-standing cottage or a log. In addition to the Finnish sauna, there are other types such as infrared (infrared), herbal, salt, etc.

The sauna has a sensational effect on our health - it improves immunity and blood circulation as well as mood.

We work only with selected wood, first grade. Our product range includes standard indoor saunas, outdoor barrel saunas with glass "DISCOVERY", custom-designed oval saunas as well as cooling tubs and brine graduation towers. We work with draftsmen who will transform your vision into a proportional, robust and ergonomic design.

We only wait for your wishes and ideas and our team will create your individual sauna and oasis of home wellness.

Construction of the Steam Baths

The modern interior, complemented by a well-chosen mosaic, together with dedicated, atmospheric lighting will make your spa area unique and distinctive.

The friendly temperature and high humidity relax the body and mind. Using the steam bath has a sensational effect on our senses, while at the same time improving blood circulation in our body and ridding it of unnecessary toxins.

In order to prepare a steam bath offer, it is necessary to contact you in advance. On the basis of individual arrangements, we will prepare a detailed design and cost estimate.

Spa tubs

A hot bath is an excellent way to relax. In addition, it has therapeutic properties - it has a positive effect on the respiratory system and some spinal disorders. The advanced technologies used in the bathtubs will allow you to immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and benefit from the therapeutic power of water and light on a daily basis.

A spa bath is a unique space to which you can invite your friends and loved ones. The variety of colours, models and finishes will allow you to incorporate the SPA bathtub perfectly into any space.

Our offer includes free-standing bathtubs, portable bathtubs with an integrated attraction and filtration system and built-in ones, where filtration is adjusted to the facility in which the bathtub will operate.

We are a distributor of the Polish bathtub manufacturer POOLSPA, which offers bathtubs for private and public use. Poolspa is a forerunner of the wellness idea in Poland, offering high-class, perfectly elaborated bathtub models based on components of the highest quality.

In addition, we offer HOTSPRING bathtubs - the world leader in the industry, which means that there are far more HotSpring devices in gardens than devices of any other brand. The brand is the most popular choice in more than 70 countries worldwide. Exceptional quality, functionality and innovative solutions make Hotspring tubs some of the best in the world. It is a leader in cutting-edge design and energy efficiency. Many of the innovations brought to market by Hotspring are now widely adopted by other manufacturers.

Our range also includes SUNDANCE SPAS hot tubs - a Californian manufacturer, selling successfully since 1979, tens of thousands of units annually worldwide. The mission of this company is to bring its products to perfection.

Sensory showers

The experience shower is a spectacular bath with light effects, scents of essential oils, sounds of music or the sounds of nature. Feel for yourself the "tropical rain"' "polar breeze" or "arctic rain" in an extraordinary shower cabin.

We create complete solutions with synchronised control. We design complete shower programmes, which are selected via sensor buttons by the customer/user from a dedicated control panel.