Pool service

Regular maintenance of swimming pool installations is a key part of their proper functioning.

Our service technicians are qualified professionals with many years of practical experience. We work with private customers as well as hotel pools, public pools and aquaparks. There is no problem unsolvable for us.

Private swimming pool service

Having a private swimming pool is, on the one hand, about relaxation and a healthy lifestyle, and on the other, about responsibility and the need to keep technology under control. Our service technicians will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your pool is in good working order and that the water in it is of high quality.

As part of our private pool service, we perform:

  • Overview of pool technology installation
  • Inspection and testing of swimming pool water
  • Calibration of measuring and control equipment
  • Technology control
  • Cleaning and disinfection of swimming pool basins
  • Water disinfection
  • Launch of outdoor pools to start the season
  • Installation upgrades
  • Current plumbing and electrical repairs
  • Repair of swimming pool pumps
  • Changing the filter bed

We recommend that you call for service at least once a year. This allows minor faults to be caught and larger, costly breakdowns to be avoided.

Your benefits


Professional inspection of the installed technology to avoid unwanted problems with the functioning of your pool, spa bath or sauna. Our service technicians will thoroughly check the correct operation of all equipment, any leaks and leaks, water quality and the general functioning of the entire installation.


We have the experience and all the necessary tools to be able to predict what might happen or the cause of what has already happened to your pool or spa area. We rectify any technological problems that arise in a fast and professional manner.


In the event of irregularities, repairs, maintenance and minor upgrades are carried out immediately. This extends the service life of your swimming pool technology and avoids the high costs of major repairs or replacements.


Every visit by a service technician is an opportunity for a discussion to clarify all your concerns. It's very important to clearly identify any problems that arise. We will advise, discuss, answer questions and suggest solutions to improve the functioning of your pool.

Public swimming pool service

We undertake ongoing maintenance of public facilities such as indoor swimming pools, hotel pools and hospital pools. We provide ongoing service, based on an agreed schedule of visits.

The scope of the service inspection depends on the specifics of the facility and the individual needs of its owner. Our service team, performs a detailed visual inspection and technical assessment of your technological installation. Once a fault is identified, precise service actions are immediately taken to quickly rectify any malfunction of the pool technology.

An important part of every service visit is a conversation with the pool technician and clarification of any questions or concerns. Only regular maintenance will prolong the efficiency and lifespan of your installation.

In the case of public facilities, we encourage you to sign a service agreement in which we undertake to respond immediately if any problem arises with the technology.

We specialise in servicing equipment:

  • BAYROL - including ANALYT, PoolManager, PoolRelax control and measuring stations - we are a certified service provider and have spare and consumable parts for all generations of equipment.
  • DINOTEC - among others, MZE electrolysis, VoDes, optoZON ozonators, AQUATOUCH control and measuring devices, PC DYNAMICS, POOL CONTROL - we have service certification and spare parts.
  • HTH Easiflo - certified equipment service including all consumables.
  • PROMINENT - among others, the DULCOMARIN, DULCODOS, DULCOMETER measuring device, BT4A peristaltic pumps and others - we have measuring electrodes, electrolytes and other spare parts and very extensive experience in the ongoing service of these devices.
  • SPECK PUMPEN - including Badu Block, Badu Resort, Badu Bronze, Badu 93 and others - we carry out pump overhauls based on original spare parts.