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Dolphin S-Series pool robots

Dolphin Automatic Vacuum Cleaners, S Series, are the most popular pool robots in Europe. They feature the most efficient and economical way to keep your pool consistently clean. Unlike handheld vacuum cleaners, which depend on a pump and pool filter, Dolphin vacuum cleaners are powered from an ordinary outlet and have their own fine filter system. Moving freely around the pool basin, they easily remove debris while scrubbing the floor, walls and water line with advanced built-in brushes.

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We are well aware that owning a swimming pool - in addition to the great pleasure and relaxation - is also a constant attention to the proper chemical parameters of the water, ensuring continuous and efficient filtration as well as many other aspects that make our pool a place where we always like to enter. We share our knowledge so that all the efforts and endeavors you make to maintain your pool with the utmost care are met.

Jak stosować chemię do basenu?

How to use pool chemistry?

Jak ogrzewać basen?

How to heat the pool?

Jaką technologię wybrać?

Which technology to choose?

Jak buduje się basen?

How is a swimming pool built?

Pool technology specialists

We are a group of professionals who have the experience and knowledge to provide the best service for your pool. Our offer, is always tailored to your complex needs and requirements. We consider expert advice to be the basis of partnership cooperation, thanks to which both parties - investor and contractor - achieve satisfaction with the implementation . We invite you to familiarize yourself with our products and services.

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We approach each investment entrusted to us by our clients with the utmost care and full commitment to the process of both planning and construction. Excellent knowledge of swimming pool technology and access to the highest quality products, which are the basis for the reliable operation of your pools, make us one of the highest rated installation companies both in the Silesian province.

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