Private overflow pool - Wroclaw

Niveko Swimming Pool

Size: 10 m x 2.5 m x 1.5 m

Model: Advance - overflow pool

Pool Color:


Basen prywatny Rybnik
Zadaszenie basenu prywatnego w Rybniku - widok z zewnątrz
  • Unloading of the Niveko basin
  • Supply and installation of complete piping
  • Delivery and installation of the automatic roller shutter
  • Delivery and installation of a spout with a pump of attraction
  • Delivery and installation of LED lamps
  • Delivery and installation of complete automation and electrics
  • Delivery and installation of technical room including overflow tank
  • Commissioning, training, service

What makes the Advance model different?

A pool overflow that "spills" onto the pool beach, visually enlarging the size of the pool. It is based on natural granite, which is partially hidden under the surface of the water.

Zadaszenie basenu prywatnego w Rybniku
Zadaszenie basenu prywatnego w Rybniku

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