Pool and fountain projects

We provide comprehensive project documentation in the field of pool water treatment technology and fountains. The services provided include:

  • Building Projects
  • Implementing projects
  • Schedules and cost estimates
  • Technical specifications for the execution and acceptance of works
  • Guidelines for industries
  • Technical advice on the selection of equipment and installations
  • As-built documentation
  • Inventories of existing pool and fountain
  • Agreeing project documentation with the sanitary and hygiene expert

We produce documentation for both private clients and public investments.

Project Manager

mgr. inż. Grzegorz Morcinek


+48 510 034 946

Range of projects

The scope of the construction design includes: technical description, calculations, branch guidelines, technological diagram drawing, equipment layout drawing and branch guidelines.

The executive design includes: technical description, calculations, branch guidelines, technological diagram, equipment arrangement drawing and branch guidelines, hole drawing, technological installation drawing, technical specification for execution and acceptance of works, works take-off, investor's cost estimate.

Pricing of design services is individual and takes place on the basis of an enquiry received from an interested person or institution. We encourage you to send us enquiries by e-mail, together with any information you may have (architectural background, drawings, photographs, concepts).

Our professional experience, engineering knowledge and reliability mean that we are able to undertake the design and implementation of even the most sophisticated water recreation facility. As part of our cooperation, we provide assistance and advice in selecting the optimum, modern swimming pool technology.

We are constantly expanding our competencies, so we are well acquainted with current regulations and swimming pool trends.

We look forward to working with you.

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