Basen drewniany 727 x 396 cm x 138 cm SEAL FUNPOOL
Basen drewniany 727 x 396 cm x 138 cm SEAL FUNPOOL
Basen drewniany 727 x 396 cm x 138 cm SEAL FUNPOOL
Basen drewniany 727 x 396 cm x 138 cm SEAL FUNPOOL

copy of Basen drewniany 727 x 396 cm x 138 cm SEAL FUNPOOL

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Wooden pool ORCA FUNPOOL

Swimming pool made of Scandinavian wood, produced in Poland.

For protection, the wooden planks are delivered pressure-impregnated. Impregnation of this kind is an effective and environmentally friendly wood conservation process that makes Scandinavian wood particularly durable, protects it from fungal attacks and significantly extends its lifespan.

Length: 600 cm

Width: 419 cm

Depth: 131 cm

Water volume: 23 m3

Concrete screed required

This model of wooden swimming pool requires a reinforced concrete floor (see installation instructions for more)

Schemat Pompy Ciepła
  • Selected pine raw material
  • Technical processing, sawn timber preparation
  • Drying to 18% moisture content
  • Machine processing of swimming pool elements
  • Vacuum-pressure impregnation in an autoclave
  • Completion
  • Quality control

Hardwood from Scandinavia

Wood from Scandinavian forests is characterised by unique properties. The harsh climate causes the rings of the pines to form so that they are noticeably denser than in trees growing in other areas. This process makes the wood much stronger and more durable.

In the production of wooden pools, particular attention is paid to quality and durability. Before they are transformed into a high-quality wooden pool product, all boards are subjected to multi-stage processing that includes: drying, precision machining and professional vacuum-pressure impregnation in an autoclave.


The wooden structure is delivered unpainted, the wood may have a slightly greenish colour - a residue from pressure impregnation.

High quality swimming pool membrane

The wooden pool is equipped with a geotextile for the walls and the bottom, which provides additional protection and a "soft" feeling when using the pool.

A pool membrane is laid over the geotextile at the same time as mounting it to a special strip. The pool membrane has a thickness of 0.75 mm and is supplied with fixing profiles and gaskets. Thanks to the special profiles, the membrane is also easy to replace in the future.

Available colours






for an extra charge


for an extra charge

Main features of the FUNPOOL Wooden Pool:

5 year warranty

The highest quality material, modular construction and replaceable liner make a wooden pool an investment that lasts for years.

Solid wood walls

The structure is made of 45 mm thick planks, manufactured from high quality timber from northern forests.

Detachable stepladders

The external wooden steps can be easily detached from the pool structure. Each step has anti-slip grooves.

Thermal insulation

Wood is an excellent insulator of heat. As a result, the pool structure maintains the ideal water temperature for a long time.

Water saving

The use of a closed loop and efficient 2-stage filtration does not require the pool to be permanently stocked with water.

Protection for bare feet

The stainless steel terrace screws (A2 grade) have a special fixing thread that prevents them from unscrewing.

Child safety

Sturdy, free-standing construction, detachable external steps increase children's safety.

Only 2 days of installation

The detailed design, precise workmanship, pre-cut holes for the skimmer and nozzle, allow very fast installation.

Contents of the package

Moduł WiFi

Wooden pool structure and mounting components

Moduł WiFi

Removable external steps

1 x skimmer in white ABS

1 x inflow nozzle in white ABS

Set of plastic corners

Moduł WiFi

Swimming pool membrane with mounting profiles

Geotextile insulating the walls and bottom of the pool


Stainless steel internal ladder


Filter set OKU Eco 6m3/h

Moduł WiFi

Fittings for connecting filtration

Instrukcja Obsługi


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