HGX 9 kW sauna steam generator HARVIA
HGX 9 kW sauna steam generator HARVIA
HGX 9 kW sauna steam generator HARVIA
HGX 9 kW sauna steam generator HARVIA
HGX 9 kW sauna steam generator HARVIA
HGX 9 kW sauna steam generator HARVIA

Steam generator HGX 9 kW HARVIA

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HARVIA HGX Steam Generator with Controller

Harvia HGX steam generator is a source of well-being and relaxation. Create a spa atmosphere in your home, let the warm steam caress your senses and forget about the daily rush for a while. Harvia HGX is also a reliable solution for a professional spa, providing perfect moments of relaxation for your clients.

The steam generator can be controlled by a touch control panel. An intimate atmosphere will be created by ethereal scents and atmospheric lighting. In more than 60 years, Harvia has become the world's largest manufacturer of sauna heaters and stoves to create the perfect experience that makes your fondest dreams come true.

The set includes: generator, Harvia Xafir controller, temperature sensor, steam nozzle (1 pc)

Generator pary Harvia HGX
Piec do sauny elektryczny Harvia Vega

Harvia Xafir external controller

Harvia Xafir is a control unit with a touchscreen control panel. Xafir provides a modern and subtly stylish user interface for controlling the heart of the sauna, the generator.

The stylish, small but clear touch control panel can be easily installed wherever it is needed: in the sauna, in the shower room, in the dressing room, or even in the living room. The control panel allows you to check that the sauna is at the right temperature with a single glance.

In addition to setting the temperature, it also allows you to control the lighting and fan.

Technical Data







Power2,2 kW4,5 kW5,7 kW9 kW10,8 kW15 kW
Sauna size*up to 4 m3up to 6 m3up to 9 m3up to 14 m3up to 17 m3up to 23 m3
Steam production2 kg/h5,5 kg/h 7,6 kg/h 12 kg/h14,6 kg/h18,5 kg/h
Controllerexternal controller

(W x H x D)

530 x 230 x 150 [mm]
Power supply 
400 V 3N~
Power Cable-5 x 1,5 mm25 x 2,5 mm 25 x 6 mm2
Fuse-3 x 10 A3 x 16 A3 x 25 A
Power supply 
230 V 1N~
Power Cable3 x 1,5 mm23 x 6 mm2-
Fuse1 x 10 A1 x 25 A-
Warranty24 months

* - The value given for a cabin of lightweight construction. For exact details, see the instructions

Generator pary Harvia HGX

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Product Details

9 kW
Power supply
400V - 3 phases
Room size
up to 14 m3
Control type
external controller
997 Items

About Harvia

Harvia jest światowym liderem na rynku saun i spa. Sauny wzbudzają coraz większe zainteresowanie na całym świecie. Jest to odzwierciedleniem globalnego trendu wellness, który wciąż zyskuje na popularności. Udowodniony wpływ sauny na zdrowie oraz rosnąca siła nabywcza globalnej klasy średniej przyczyniają się do wzrostu liczby saun na całym świecie.

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