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Pool heat pump 35m3 7,6kW HEWALEX PCWB
Pool heat pump 35m3 7,6kW HEWALEX PCWB
Pool heat pump 35m3 7,6kW HEWALEX PCWB
Pool heat pump 35m3 7,6kW HEWALEX PCWB
Pool heat pump 35m3 7,6kW HEWALEX PCWB
Pool heat pump 35m3 7,6kW HEWALEX PCWB
Pool heat pump 35m3 7,6kW HEWALEX PCWB
Pool heat pump 35m3 7,6kW HEWALEX PCWB

Pool heat pump 35m3 7,6kW HEWALEX PCWB

PCWB 7,6kW
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Hewalex PCWB Pool Heat Pump

The HEWALEX pool air-to-water heat pump is designed for direct connection to the pool water process circuit. It is used to heat the water, as well as to cool it if necessary. The heat pump is installed outside the building, and its design allows for easy disassembly after the pool use season. PCWB heat pumps are used for seasonal water heating in both private and public pools. The use of a heat pump makes it possible to extend the life of an outdoor pool up to 5-6 months per year, providing the required water temperature at low operating costs. The PCWB heat pump can be used for any type of swimming pool, whether it is of solid construction, or for a frame pool, inflatable pool, etc.

Savings associated with heat pump heating:

The Hewalex pool air-to-water heat pump type PCWB ensures low pool water heating costs. They are higher only than the operating costs of a solar system, while the heat pump provides increased comfort of using the pool due to less dependence on sunlight. For example, for an outdoor swimming pool with a mirror area of 30m2 and a depth of up to 1.4 meters, the operating costs should not exceed EUR 25 gross for a heat pump. This is nearly 2.5 times less with a condensing gas boiler, more than 3 times less than with an oil boiler and 6 times less with direct electric heating.

Connecting a swimming pool heat pump

In most cases, the use of a PCWB heat pump requires minimal intervention in the pool water circuit. The materials used and the design of the heat exchanger (condenser) allow the water to flow directly through the heat pump. The low flow resistance of the condenser in most cases allows the use of the existing circulation pump. The heat pump is incorporated into the pool water circuit after the filtration equipment and before the chemical dispenser.

In the existing system, the PCWB heat pump is switched on between the filter (2) and a possible water treatment device (4). The system should be expanded with two tees and a valve that regulates the flow between them (3). This creates a so-called bypass. Only a part of the pool water (usually 20-50%) flows through the heat pump, which allows to increase the temperature difference between the supply and output of the heat pump, and also to preserve the existing circulation pump (1). A bypass (3) of the pool water additionally allows the heat pump to be disconnected from the water circuit during filter cleaning (2), or during maintenance and service work on the heat pump itself.

4-year warranty as standard

Hewalex PCWB pool heat pumps come with a standard 4-year warranty, which goes beyond the standard terms and conditions provided on the market for this type of equipment. Included in the warranty terms and conditions is an installation checklist, which was created to ensure a high-quality heat pump installation.

Technical data of Hewalex PCWB heat pumps

TypPCWB 5,4 kW

PCWB 7,6 kW

PCWB 10,0 kW

PCWB 13,0 kW

PCWB 16,0 kW

Recommended pool volume15 - 25 m³

20 - 35 m³

30 - 45 m³

35 - 60 m³

40 - 80 m³
Minimum water flow2,2 m³/h3,0 m³/h4,5 m³/h5,3 m³/h6,0 m³/h
Heating power
(EN 14511, A27/W26)
5,3 kW7,5 kW10,4 kW13,5 kW14,6 kW
Efficiency COP
(EN 14511, A27/W26)
Outdoor temperature range-7°C to 43°C, optimal operating conditions from 10°C, attention - do not allow water in the condenser to freeze
Maximum water temperature in heating mode40°C
Compressor typesingle-stage rotary Hitachi
Refrigerant typeR32
Power supply230 V, 50 Hz
Power supply cable3x1,5mm² (3x2,5mm²)3x2,5mm² (3x4mm²)3x2,5mm² (3x4mm²)3x2,5mm² (3x4mm²) 3x2,5mm² (3x4mm²)
Overcurrent protectionC10 (C25) C16 (C25)C16 (C25)C16 (C25)C16 (C25)
Power consumption0,94kW1,28kW1,83kW2,38kW2,44kW
Dimensions 800x340x575 mm1001x418x605 mm1163x490x862 mm
Water connections50 mm
Net weight36 kg52 kg57 kg62 kg80 kg

Package contents

Pool Heat Pump Hewalex PCWB

Built-in WiFi module




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Product Details

Pool size
up to 35 m3
7 kW
Heat pump type
on / off type pump
Power supply
230V - 1 phase
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