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  • A well-chosen filter system is the basis for keeping the pool clean
  • Chemicals are necessary to keep the water crystal clear
  • Pool cleaners are extremely helpful to pick up debris from the bottom and walls

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Time is money, and in this age of a rushing world, it is hard for us to find a moment even for ourselves. That is why people are making life easier for themselves. These days, swimming pool hoovers seem to be indispensable for keeping a swimming pool clean quickly and easily.

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Pool Cleaning

Adequate filtration system

When building a swimming pool and choosing a technology, you should remember about the appropriate equipment. One of the most important ones is the pool filter and the filter pump. Remember that the sand filter gives us the greatest efficiency and effectiveness of pool water filtration. There are many proposed solutions for filtration systems containing cartridge filters on the market, but with such a large volume of water as the pool has, cartridge filters are unfortunately not able to effectively filter the water and catch pollutants. The sand filter is the basis on the way to the crystal water in our swimming pool.

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Chemical water purification

One of the most important aspects of maintaining crystal pool water is the use of appropriate professional pool chemicals. We often get questions like: "I use pool chemistry, but the water in the pool is still green and I don't see any effects, what is the reason?" And here the question arises what kind of chemistry it is, in 99% of cases the answer is "from the market". This is the most common problem, unfortunately the chemicals sold in supermarkets are so-called "mass" of poor quality and efficiency, which of course comes with the price. With an investment such as a swimming pool, you should obtain chemicals for professional water treatment from top producers. The quality is incomparably better, and customers who switch to professional funds stay with them.

Useful products

Pool cleaners

The cheapest solution is to vacuum the pool with a hand vacuum cleaner, for this you will need a pole, a vacuum cleaner hose and a vacuum cleaner brush. One end of the hose is connected to the brush, while the other end to the vacuum cleaner point (if that is the case in our pool) or put into the skimmer after removing the strainer. The pool should be cleaned with the filtration turned on, because the dirt from the vacuum cleaner is taken together with the pool water that goes to the filter (where it is caught) and then the purified water returns to the pool through the inflow nozzles. Remember to rinse the pool filter after vacuuming.

The second option is semi-automatic vacuum cleaners that are powered by a battery. Here, cleaning is easier than the manual option. All you have to do is mount the vacuum cleaner on a telescopic pole (the same as in the case of manual vacuuming) and start vacuuming the pool. Semi-automatic vacuum cleaners are equipped with filters that catch dirt - remember that the filter needs to be cleaned from time to time - the frequency depends on the degree of contamination of the water. After vacuuming, remember to refill the water in the pool (depending on the model of the vacuum cleaner)

The third option - the most expensive - but taking the least time and very effective are automatic pool cleaners. Just throw the machine into the water, set the cleaning program and you're done! Many of the automatic vacuum cleaners also have the functions of cleaning the pool walls, which, unfortunately, we are not able to do with manual and semi-automatic vacuuming. When choosing an automatic vacuum cleaner, special attention should be paid to the type of pool we have (foiled, finished with mosaic / tiles, prefabricated) because the brushes of vacuum cleaners for different types of pool differ. When it comes to proven automatic vacuum cleaners, we especially recommend Dolphin vacuum cleaners characterized by very good efficiency, durability and having a door-to-door service.

Expert Advises!

How to choose the right filter and pump?

Everything depends on the size of the pool, it is assumed that a well-chosen filter pump for the pool should be able to pump all the water inside the basin four times within 24 hours. The filter diameter must not be too small or too large. The parameter for which pool size the filter is suitable is provided by the manufacturer.

Which is better: chlorine or active oxygen?

We strongly recommend chlorine. Active oxygen is suitable for people who are experiencing allergic reactions. Chlorine shows a much stronger effect and disinfects water better.

What is a coagulant for?

Its task is to compact small impurities into larger clusters, thanks to which the water is not cloudy, and the dirt is much easier to clean with a pool vacuum cleaner.

Is a pool vacuum cleaner necessary?

The pool cleaner makes it very easy to keep the pool clean and is, in our opinion, essential. The type of system depends on the available budget and free time. The automatic system is more expensive, but it does everything for us. Handheld vacuum cleaners are cheap, but require a lot of work from us.

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