Private Foiled Swimming Pool - Katowice

Foiled Concrete Pool - Skimmer

Size: 10.00 m x 4.00 m x 1.20 m

Folia Basenowa Alkorplan 2000 Jasnoszara

Alkorplan 2000 Pool Foil Light Grey

Basen prywatny Katowice
Wejście do basenu prywatnego w Katowicach
  • Delivery and installation of ALKORPLAN pool membrane
  • Assembly of complete PVC piping
  • Installation of filtration system including attraction pump - counterflow
  • Assembly of Astral LED RGB 2.0 lamps with dedicated remote control
  • Installation of Bayrol control and measurement device
  • Delivery and installation of a swimming pool heat pump
  • Commissioning, training, ongoing maintenance