Cleaning the pool, how to remove dirt

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Winterising a racked pool - find out step by step how to prepare your pool

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Pool vacuum cleaners - everything you need to know

Time is money, and in this age of a rushing world, it is hard for us to find a moment even for ourselves. That is why people are making life easier for themselves. These days, swimming pool hoovers seem to be indispensable for keeping a swimming pool clean quickly and easily.

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Wintering the pool, or how to end the season

The end of summer is an increased time for everyone. The children go to school, the holiday season is over. However, we must not forget that we have a lot of work to do to prepare the pool with which we associate so many beautiful memories for the upcoming cold days

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Comparison of Dolphin S100, S200, S300i, M400, M500 pool vacuum cleaners

The choice of vacuum cleaners on the market is so large that you can get lost in it all. We will tell you what are the differences between the various models of vacuum cleaners of the renowned Dolphin brand. Thanks to this guide, you will choose the perfect model that will be tailored to your needs.

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Pool cleaning - Advice from pool technology specialists

There is nothing worse than a dirty pool and the increasing problems with its use. In particular, bringing it to immaculate cleanliness. As an experienced company servicing and building pools for 15 years, we have prepared a guide on what to pay attention to and what products and chemicals give the desired effect.

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