UV Lamp for pool AP Pool 2 TMA
UV Lamp for pool AP Pool 2 TMA
UV Lamp for pool AP Pool 2 TMA
UV Lamp for pool AP Pool 2 TMA
UV Lamp for pool AP Pool 2 TMA
UV Lamp for pool AP Pool 2 TMA
UV Lamp for pool AP Pool 2 TMA
UV Lamp for pool AP Pool 2 TMA

UV Lamp for pool AP Pool 2 TMA

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UV lamp for public swimming pool made of acid-resistant steel AISI 316

We are pleased to present you with an absolute novelty in pool water disinfection technology. It combines the best features of amalgam and medium-pressure units in a single device. At the same time, the disadvantages of medium-pressure equipment (low efficiency, short service life of the radiant heaters, mechanical cleaning of casing pipes, 5 voltages) are not present. A breakthrough is the use of amalgam radiant heaters with two radiation ranges. The irradiators in the devices emit radiation lengths of 185 and 254 nanometres. The characteristic feature is the significantly increased efficiency of chloramine removal. In addition, the 185 nanometre wavelength produces ozone in the air contained in the water. The presence of ozone in the water further increases the disinfection efficiency. At the same time, the amount of ozone generated does not exceed the permissible standards for the amount of ozone at the water inlet to the swimming pool basin.

Technical data

Model: TMA AP-Pool-12

Nominal flow: 474 m3/h
(at transmission T 10= 95%, dose rate 400 J/m2 )
Connection diameter: DN300
Number of radiant heaters: 12 x Amalgam
Service life of the radiant heaters: 12000 h

185 nm radiation has 37% more energy than 254 nm radiation. This combines the advantages of the most effective bactericidal disinfection with 254 nanometre radiation and the extremely effective removal of chloramines with 185 nm radiation.

The UV disinfection unit is made entirely of acid-resistant steel, hand-polished to a mirror finish. The surface quality exceeds European and American standards. The body of the unit undergoes thorough mechanical treatment (polishing). After assembly, it undergoes chemical treatment (to further increase resistance to chemical agents) and is then hand-polished again. The precision and quality of the unit's welds are of the highest quality. No welds are ground for strength reasons (grinding masks the low-precision welding). Each steriliser undergoes pressure leakage tests. The design and size of the casing pipes ensures low operating temperatures on the outer surfaces of the casing pipes (below 55 'C) which protects them from the formation of calcium and magnesium deposits (commonly known as scale deposits). The absence of scale deposits on the pipes has been confirmed in more than 14 years of equipment operation. No scale deposits have been found on the casing pipes in any of the units installed in the various installations.

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About TMA

Firma TMA od 1990 roku zajmuje się produkcją i sprzedażą sterylizatorów i promienników UV do dezynfekcji wody. Posiadamy w swojej ofercie ponad 30 urządzeń do dezynfekcji wody promieniami UV.

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