Automatic rinsing valve for pool...

Automatic rinsing valve for pool filter Omnitronic R 41/3 A, 1 1/2" BADU

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Automatic rinsing valve for pool filter Omnitronic R 41/3 A, 1 1/2" BADU

The Badu OmniTronic is a state-of-the-art programmable automatic filter rinse valve with built-in control and monitoring functions for all rinse stages.

The automatic valve controller features a backlit LCD display with an intuitive menu in Polish.

Technical parameters:

- Power supply 1~ 230V 50Hz (electronics protection 3.15A / pump 4A)
- Memory backup CR2032 battery
- Water connection 1 1/2 "GW
- Maximum pressure 2 Bar
- Outlet to sewer equipped with PVC non-return valve

Automatic valve modes
- Interval (e.g. every 7 days from power on)
- Temporary (e.g. Friday at 19:00)
- Forced by an external signal e.g. from a Smart Home control. Home control

Wymiary zawory BADU Omnitronic

Technical data of the OmniTronic automatic valve

Method of powering / controlling the filtration pump:

The valve can directly power a filter pump of up to 1 kW (230V) or electronically control the speed in the Badu Eco VS / Eco Touch PRO series pumps.

This type of control allows three different speeds to be programmed according to the individual user's needs.

Example of control mode for a Badu Eco VS / Eco Touch PRO series pump:

- N1 Filtration (90% speed)

- N2 Flushing (speed 100%)

- N3 Night Eco mode (speed 70%)

Additional functions of the automatic valve

- Pool water level control by connecting optional level sensor and water topping-up solenoid valve (Sensor available separately)

- Pool water heating/cooling function by connecting an optional temperature sensor (Sensor available separately)

- External signal override for each valve position (e.g. DI1 = Filtration / DI2 = Flushing / DI3 = Drain)

- Electronic valve position control with configurable relay outputs (Z1 = Heating / Dosing interlock)

- Possibility to connect a valve / actuator for shutting off the PVC pipe connected to the sewer system

- Log of number of flushes carried out, time since last complete flushing cycle

- Forced flushing directly from the button on the control panel (RS button pressed for at least 3 seconds)

Zawór automatyczny BADU Omnitronic

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