Many people are interested in what they need before buying a racked pool or building a tank. Every step of the way, in the jungle of information, he learns about some kind of pump, filter, filter set. In addition, he often comes across contradictory information regarding the answer to the question "Which pool pump is the best". The trouble is that there is no clear-cut answer, because it all depends on the size of your pool.

  • The pool pump must be connected to a suitable filter
  • Sand filters are a popular solution and the most effective
  • Cartridge filters require frequent replacement and do not filter water as well as sand

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Pool Technology

Systematics and division of pool pumps

There are a number of manufacturers on the market with pool pumps. They differ in price and build quality, among other things. We recommend betting on tried and tested, good quality products from manufacturers such as Badu or Astralpool. We ourselves use their equipment for professional pool projects. The pump itself is one thing, but you need to connect it to the filter. It is usually at this point that we are in a quandary and do not know what to choose. We divide filters into sand and cartridge filters. We will focus on this division and indicate what characterises them.

Sand filters for swimming pools

Sand filters are the most popular and also the most effective solution. The filters themselves are simple to operate and do not require the hand of a professional. We ourselves recommend choosing this method of filtration. Their design and operation is not complicated. In appearance, they resemble a barrel filled with sand. It is this that filters the water and retains any impurities. Sand can be replaced by another filter bed such as filter glass or diatomaceous earth.

You will find sand filters with different diameters on the market. We have to choose the right one for the power of the pump. A filter that is too small will make filtration ineffective, one that is too large will choke the pump. Fortunately, manufacturers provide information on which pump power a particular model is suitable for. Depending on the size increases the amount of sand needed to fill the filter.

How often should the sand be changed?

Its replacement is necessary every 2-3 years. However, many people forget the very important matter of regular cleaning. Thanks to the multipass valves fitted on the filter, the filter can be easily cleaned with a so-called backwash in just a few minutes.

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Cartridge filters for swimming pools

The second type of filtration often found is cartridge filters. The low price is an incentive to choose this filtration. Such kits are also often added in a package with a racked pool. The principle of operation is simple, there is a cartridge filter in the housing of the unit, the centre of which resembles an accordion. It is this that is designed to trap the impurities in the water flowing through it. Unfortunately, the low price is associated with low efficiency. As a result, we do not recommend this method of filtration.

Cartridge filters get clogged very easily and cleaning them may not be easy. In addition, they need to be changed regularly every 2-4 weeks. The cartridges themselves are inexpensive, but frequent replacement regularly increases the cost of filtration and is burdensome for the user.

What should I consider when choosing a pool pump?

There are so many different models on the market. The most important difference between pumps is their capacity, this is what guides you when choosing a pool pump. It should be powerful enough to filter all the water in the pool in 6 hours. Obviously, the faster it does this the better.  As the capacity increases, you need to bear in mind that the filter also needs to be big enough.

Remember that only a well-chosen and effective filter system together with chemicals will take care of the water. Its poor sanitary condition can have a negative impact on our health.

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Are cotton balls also a good filter bed?

Definitely NO. Such products have appeared on the market, but from experience we advise against their purchase. Sand is the cheapest and one of the best filter beds.

Why cartridge filters are inferior

Cartridge filters have their disadvantages. They are not able to purify water as well as sand. This makes it extremely difficult to keep the water in good condition.

What happens when I select a pump that is too powerful for the filter?

Simply put - the pressure can burst the filter and unseal components such as the 6-way valve.

Is filtration alone enough to have clean water?

Filtration is a very important element, but chemical disinfection and mechanical water cleaning must not be forgotten. Only these three elements will keep the water clean.

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