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Controller for filtration, heating and dosing POOL-Consulting TEBAS

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Tebas Pool-Consulting controller with thermostat

With the device, the following can be easily managed: filter pump, solar collectors, automatic flushing valve, heating, dosing technology, overflow tank controller, motor valve.

- The unit is equipped with a high-quality quartz display

- Electronic thermostat operates from 5 to 40 degrees Celsius

- Timed pump operation control possible. There are two time intervals per day, which is the optimum option for correctly setting the filtration in any type of pool

- Equipped with push buttons for simple and intuitive selection of the desired parameters

- The unit has a high-speed processor for more efficient operation

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W ich ofercie znajdują się filtry do basenubasenowe masaże wodne. Dodatkowo produkują lampy basenowe i sprzęt z nimi związany.

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