Pool heat pump 30m3 7kW HYDRO-PRO
Pool heat pump 30m3 7kW HYDRO-PRO
Pool heat pump 30m3 7kW HYDRO-PRO
Pool heat pump 30m3 7kW HYDRO-PRO
Pool heat pump 30m3 7kW HYDRO-PRO
Pool heat pump 30m3 7kW HYDRO-PRO

Pool heat pump 30m3 7kW HYDRO-PRO

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Features of the Hydro-Pro pool heat pump

  • High efficiency, COP up to 6.1
  • Works at temperatures from -5°C
  • Temperature control on the LCD display
  • All models in the series have a flow sensor
  • Silent operation of rotary compressor, fan
  • Titanium heat exchanger resistant to salt and chlorine
  • Automatic defrosting
  • All functions controlled by microprocessor
  • Additional winter cover included
  • Metal housing (galvanized sal)
  • Wi-Fi Ready
  • R32 gas, 3 times lower GWP (Global Warming Potential) compared to old R410A

Hydro-Pro heat pump selection for swimming pool

The selection of a suitable HYDRO -PRO heat pump is made on the basis of the volume of the pool, according to the indications in the table "Technical data".

For example, for a pool with a volume of 40 m3 according to the table "Technical data", the suitable pump is Hydro-Pro 10 kW (heat pump for pools up to 45 m3).

However, it is recommended to always choose a larger pump model (in the above example, it will be Hydro-Pro 13 kW). This will keep the pump running longer bringing the following benefits:

  • faster heating of water,
  • longer life of the pump due to less intensive operation.

Heat pump heating savings

Technical data of TEBAS heat pumps

Item no.70083247008317700831870083197008322
Heating power A27/W275.5 kW7.5 kW9.5 kW11.5 kW22 kW
Heating power A15/W263.7 kW4.9 kW6.7 kW7.9 kW14.5 kW
Cooling capacity A35/W272.8 kW3.5 kW5.0 kW7.0 kW11.0 kW
Power consumption A27/W271.0 kW1.34 kW1.70 kW1.95 kW3.45 kW
Max pool volume20 m330 m345 m355 m3120 m3
Power consumption4.1 A4.7 A7 A9.1 A6.6 A
COP at A27/W275.5 kW5.6 kW5.6 kW5.9 kW5.9 kW
COP at A15/W264.2 kW4.3 kW4.3 kW4.3 kW4.2 kW
Power supply230 V230 V230 V230 V400 V
Fan Directionhorizontalhorizontalhorizontalhorizontalhorizontal
Noise level (10m)40 dB(a)41 dB(a)42 dB(a)43 dB(a)47 dB(a)
Noise level (1m)49 dB(a)50 dB(a)51 dB(a)52 dB(a)56 dB(a)
Water connection50 mm50 mm50 mm50 mm50 mm
Nominal water flow2.5 m3/h2.5 m3/h2.8 m3/h3.5 m3/h6.2 m3/h
Dimensions751/300/502 mm935/360/555 mm935/360/555 mm1045/410/695 mm865/685/910 mm
Weight36 kg46 kg51 kg61 kg125 kg
Warranty24 months24 months24 months24 months24 months

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Product Details

Pool size
up to 30 m3
7 kW
Heat pump type
on / off type pump
Power supply
230V - 1 phase

About Hydro-Pro

Dzięki nowym automatycznym trybom prędkości sprężarki i wentylatora pompa dostosowuje je, aby zmniejszyć poziom hałasu i zużycie energii

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