Titanium electric pool heater 18kW COMPACT T PAHLEN
Titanium electric pool heater 18kW COMPACT T PAHLEN
Titanium electric pool heater 18kW COMPACT T PAHLEN
Titanium electric pool heater 18kW COMPACT T PAHLEN

Titanium electric pool heater 18kW COMPACT T PAHLEN

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Pahlen Compact T 18kW titanium electric pool heater

The Pahlen Compact T electric pool water heater comes in the 3kW to 18kW power range:

  • made of titanium
  • designed for saltwater pools
  • the heating element consists of special heating rods
  • The set includes: a thermostat for setting the desired temperature of the pool water from 0 to 45 degrees C, a safety thermostat, a lack of water sensor (pressure sensor).

  • It is important to protect the heating element from damage. Special attention should be paid to: high calcium content in the water, a large amount of disinfectants, poor electrical as well as plumbing connections.

  • Optionally, a flow sensor can be installed in the heater or on the pipeline, for protection of the heater from switching on if there is no water flow.

Technical specifications of the Pahlen Compact T electric heater

ModelRated PowerEnergy consumption

Min. flow rate

Max flow rateMax. pressureMax temperatureWaterproofing class
230V, 1-phase.230V, 3-phase.400V, 3-phase.with flow sensorwith pressure switchwith flow sensorwith pressure switch
3 kW2,7 - 3,5 kW13A8A5A90 l/min

20 l/min (3-9 kW)

40 l/min (12-18 kW)

300 l/min2,5 bara (2,5 Pa)4 bary (4 Pa)45°CIP44
6 kW5,4 – 6,5 kW26A15A9A
9 kW8,1 – 9,7 kW-23A14A
12 kW10,8 – 13 kW-31A18A
15 kW13,5 – 16,2 kW-38A22A

18 kW

16,2 – 19,4 kW-46A27A

Dimensions of Pahlen Compact T electric heater

Dimensions in parentheses are for 12 kW, 15 kW and 18 kW heaters

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Product Details

18 kW
Power supply
400V - 3 phases
998 Items

About Pahlen

Oferuje sprzęt do małych basenów prywatnych jak i dużych obiektów użyteczności publicznej. Produkty wykonane są z brązu, kwasoodpornej stali nierdzewnej, tytanu i materiałów termoplastycznych, pierwszorzędnej jakości co daje gwarancję wyjątkowej żywotności i niezawodności.

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