Pool filter 60m3 620mm with side...

Pool filter 60m3 620mm with side valve BATORY II TEBAS

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Sand pool filter with side valve BATORY II TEBAS

Tebas Batory II pool sand filter manufactured in Spain by specialists who have been producing filters for 30 years. Now you have an alternative to commercial-corporate products. The handmade method of production, the commitment and passion put into the manufacturing process guarantees high quality, good price, functionality and long service life.

The Batory II is a laminated polyester filter set on a vibration-damping base. It has a pressure gauge located in the lid to prevent accidental damage. The filter cover is screwed into the thread - no metal threads molded into the tank body. The Batory II has a long service life, estimated at around 12-16 years. The manifold tubes and top manifold, manufactured in Germany, are very durable and resistant.

The filter can also be used on saltwater pools.

The set includes: Praher valve, pressure gauge, connections, instructions.

Easy to assemble, the filter is already glued together, fitted on the valve machine. All you need to do is screw it on.

The sand bed should be replaced every 1-2 years; if an AFM activated glass bed is used in the filter, this can be done every 8-10 years.

Technical data of the BATORY II filter





Diameter510 mm620 mm750 mm900 mm
Connection size

1 1/2"

1 1/2"



Filter dimensions

A - 790mm
B - 510mm
C - 350mm
D - 475mm

A - 860mm
B - 620mm
C - 400mm
D - 525mm

A - 1020mm
B - 750mm
C - 455mm
D - 595mm

A - 1020mm
B - 900mm
C - 455mm
D - 595mm

Size of the pool

50 m³

60 m³

75 m³

90 m³

Operating pressure

0,5 - 1,5 kg/cm²

Maximum pressure2 kg/cm²
Test pressure3 kg/cm²
Operating temperature1-40°C

Amount of bed
(sand 0.4-0.8mm)

100 kg

150 kg

225 kg

325 kg

Net weight

18 kg

23,5 kg

33 kg

42 kg

Guarantee24 months

Wymiary filtra BATORY II

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Proposal for a filter pump for the Batory II filter

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Product Details

Pool size
up to 60 m3
Filter size
620 mm

About Tebas

W ich ofercie znajdują się filtry do basenubasenowe masaże wodne. Dodatkowo produkują lampy basenowe i sprzęt z nimi związany.

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